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June 5th, 2020

10 Tips for Freshers – How to survive your first year of University

Here are 10 tips for first year university students living in Cardiff

It’s a new year which means a whole new bunch of university students, here’s a few tips for Freshers starting their first year at The University Of South Wales, Cardiff Uni or Cardiff Met

1. Meeting new people – Don’t be afraid of talking to new people, most of the other students will be new to this as well. Make some friends in halls or your student accommodation. Second or third year students will be happy to help if you need to know good places to hang out.

2. Budget your student loan – Even though Freshers week is the perfect time to meet new friends and socialise don’t end up spending all of your loan on alcohol as there will be more activities during the rest of the year. Be smart and budget.

3. Cook meals and say no to takeaways – Sometimes it feels like a lot of effort to cook a meal and it’s so much easier to just phone up for a takeaway meal, however, what you spend on just 1 takeaway you could make a meal for your whole house/flat and still have money over. I made this mistake far too many times when I was a student.

4. Taxi Numbers – If new to the area save a couple of taxi numbers in your phone in case you need to get your way back from where you are or too tired after a night out

5. Clubs & Societies – Your uni will hold a freshers fayre during the first week, there will be lots of tables and stand of groups of people trying to get you to join their club. They are a great way to socialise and make new friends just don’t sign up to everything, you’ll still need time to do your studies

6. Get to know your Uni – Find your way around your campus and what rooms your lectures will be in, and where the library is. You’ll be spending a lot of time in these places. You’ll find information on the website or the students union website.

7. Stay safe – Let people know where you are going. Save housemates numbers to your phone.

8. Register with the local GP – You may never need to take a visit to the doctors surgery but incase you ever do, register in the first week you’re there. It saves a lot of time filling in the paperwork later on

9. Staying warm – Heating and gas can be very expensive, buy a few blankets and hot water bottles and turn off any radiators that you don’t need to be on and using the heat.

10. Have fun! – University is an unforgettable time of your life, enjoy it but work hard. Keep a balance between studies and partying

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